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Cisco ASA Anyconnect 4.0

Cisco ASA Anyconnect 4.0

In October 2014 the new licensing model for AnyConnect 4 was released.

Whats new with Anyconnect 4.0

Per App VPN Tunneling – This feature permits corporations the ability to authorize specific apps access to resources behind the firewall. Certain devices and software may be required to support this feature.

Anyconnect ISE Posture Module and ISE Deployment – Many ISE customers have been waiting for this. For Single-Sign on and faster posture checks, ISE offers a agent used to check and enforce posture for devices accessing the network. Anyconnect 4.0 can now be merged with the latest ISE posture agent meaning customers using Anyconnect and ISE just need one client. ISE can also be used to web-deploy Anyconnect clicents to new endpoints accessing the network remotely. This simplifies deploying your VPN solution. Learn more by checking out the ISE 1.3 release.

Simplified Licensing Structure – Anyconnect use to have a ton of licensing components. For example, you would need a license for standard VPN, one for mobile devices, one for advanced features and so on.

Now there are two options: Apex and Plus


Migration options for existing deployments:












AnyConnect PLUS

  • VPN functionality for PC and mobile platforms, including per-app VPN on mobile platforms.
  • Basic endpoint context collection
  • IEEE 802.1X Windows supplicant.
  • Cisco Cloud Web Security agent for Windows & Mac OS X platforms.
  • Cisco Web Security Appliance support.
  • FIPS compliance.

AnyConnect APEX

  • Everything that’s included in AnyConnect Plus.
  • Clientless (browser-based) <VPN termination on the Cisco ASA.
  • VPN Compliance/Posture agent in conjunction with the Cisco ASA.
  • Unified Compliance/Posture agent in conjunction with the Cisco ISE 1.3 or later.
  • Next Generation Encryption.